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Bee attack Possum Kingdom hospitalizes couple

September 26, 2014 FOX News

A Possum Kingdom woman is in critical condition after she and her husband were attacked by what was believed to be Africanized Honeybees...

How Texas man survived 1,000 killer bees

July 28, 2014 FOX News

A municipal worker who got stung by an estimated 1,000 bees while mowing a park lawn on Thursday (July 24) was in stable condition. So how did he survive the buzzing attack?...

Weather Really Matters to Bees

May 28, 2014 The Weather Channel


Tractor Trailer Hauling Millions of Honeybees Overturns in Delaware

May 20, 2014 CBS

 A tractor trailer flipped on its side and what was inside flew out – millions of honey bees!...

This Minn. Company is Working to Save the Bees

May 20, 2014 CBS

Honey bees are responsible for much of the food on our tables. They pollinate everything from crops to fruits and vegetables, and even nuts... 

Native Bees Increase Blueberry Crop Yields

May 10, 2014 WIRED Magazine

When people talk about “Save The Bees!” they usually mean one specific bee: the European Honey Bee. In the US, honey bees are an introduced, domesticated species that we manage intensively, harvest bodily-produced products from, and keep in little beehive-barns. Like cows, only smaller and more stingy...

Pesticides That Hurt Bees Don't Help Farmers

March 24, 2014 Star Tribune

The pesticides that are now synonymous with the demise of honeybees don’t do much for the farmers who use them, according to an analysis by a national environmental group that could open up a new front on the fight to protect a beloved pollinator that is critical to American food supplies...

Gardening For The Bees

March 22, 2014 WIRED Magazine

You’ve been drooling over glossy pages of beautiful plants cruelly sent to gardeners during dark, grey February –- but make sure you plant things that aren’t invasive and that will support your local butterflies and native bees...

The Worlds First Beekeeping Donkey

Meet Boneco, the world's first beekeeping donkey. He lives in Brazil and helps his owner, Manuel Juraci, make honey. Boneco also does not appear to like his beekeeping suit. But boy does he look adorable wearing it...

USDA Spending $3M to Feed Honeybees in the Midwest

February 25, 2014 ABC News

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Tuesday it will spend millions of dollars to help farmers and ranchers improve pastures in five Midwestern states to provide food for the nation's struggling honeybees...

Deadly Honeybee Disease Likely Spreading to Wild Bumblebees

February 19, 2014 NBC News

Wild bumblebees worldwide are in trouble, likely contracting deadly diseases from their commercialized honeybee cousins, a new study shows...

Sweet Science: Honeybees Outfitted with Sensors

January 17, 2014 Discovery News

Swarm sensing is set to become a reality in Australia. Scientists there are outfitting thousands of honeybees with little sensors to find out what’s really causing their colonies to collapse...

Australian scientists microchip bees to map movements

January 15, 2014 Reuters

Australian scientists are gluing tiny sensors onto thousands of honey bees to track their movements in a trial aimed at halting the spread of diseases that have wiped out populations in the northern hemisphere...

UK Faces Food Security Catastrophe as Honeybee Numbers Fall

January 8, 2014 The Guardian

The UK faces a food security catastrophe because of its very low numbers of honeybee colonies, which provide an essential service in pollinating many crops, scientists warned on Wednesday...

There's Something Special In The Cliffs of Nepal. And These Guys Will Do Anything For It

January 7, 2014 ViralNova

When I think of honey, I really don’t think of scaling a huge cliff with giant bees to get it. But that’s what the local people of Nepal do every year. They risk their lives to harvest wild honey from the cliffs, climbing long bamboo ladders and collecting the combs in a traditional, but very precarious, manner...

Lawmaker Seeks to Save Bees

January 2, 2014 Dallas Chronicle

An Oregon lawmaker is seeking to restrict home gardeners’ use of some pesticides suspected of killing bees in Portland and other cities last summer...

What Sharks, Humans, and Honeybees Have in Common

December 3, 2013 TG Daily

A mathematical pattern of movement called a Lévy walk describes the foraging behavior of animals from sharks to honey bees, and now for the first time has been shown to describe human hunter-gatherer movement as well...

Honeybees Trained to Sniff out Cancer

November 25, 2013 ABC News

Bees may soon be able to take some of the sting out of cancer by detecting it early and getting patients into treatment sooner....

Infected 'Zombees' In San Francisco May Help Scientists Understand Honey Bee Decline

November 1, 2013 Huffington Post

A parasitic fly is creating what San Francisco State University researchers are calling zombie bees -- and the details of infection are straight out of a horror movie....

Honeybees Help Detect Deadly Landmine (video)

November 4, 2013 Fox News

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Bee-Holder

September 30, 2013 NPR

For a lot of people, the sight of a bee or wasp is enough to elicit some kind of visceral reaction. But a bee at 1:1 magnification becomes something a little more awe-inspiring....

Sweet! Bees help bottom line at hotels, airports

September 29, 2013 CNBC

Beekeepers are moving millions of honeybees into apiaries at hotels in urban and rural areas, with harvested honey showing up in restaurant dishes, beer and cocktails, spa treatments and in lip balm, soap and other products sold or given to guests...

Jim Beam® Honey On A Mission To Save Bees From A Serious Issue By "Suing" Bears

August 19, 2013 PRNewswire

DEERFIELD, Ill.Aug. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Jim Beam® Honey, a new Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey infused with real honey and liqueur, is distressed by the current plight of the honey bees. A condition called Colony Collapse is causing honey bees to die at alarming rates. Fewer bees means less honey. Something needs to be done. As passionate honey lovers and bee advocates, Jim Beam Honey has hired legendary "Seinfeld" attorney, Jackie Chiles, to "sue" honey's other biggest fan – the bears. That's right – it's time for bears to cease and desist from their rampant honey theft....

The Plight of the Honeybee

August 8, 2013 TIME Magazine

You can thank the Apis mellifera, better known as the Western honeybee, for 1 in every 3 mouthfuls you'll eat today. Honeybees — which pollinate crops like apples, blueberries

and cucumbers — are the "glue that holds our agricultural system together," as the journalist Hannah Nordhaus put it in her 2011 book The Beekeeper's Lament

Bees Delay US Airways Express Flight From NC

July 25, 2013 CBS News

A swarm of bees kept a US Airways Express flight from departing on time from Charlotte Douglas International Airport.... 

Queen Bees Create Big Buzz At Dallas Zoo

July 15, 2013 KERA News

The Dallas Zoo has thousands of new residents.  Two hives of honeybees moved in last week.  The Zoo is partnering with Texas Honeybee Guild to shore up dwindling bee numbers after a big loss last year.... 

Downtown Bees Producing Sweet Rewards

June 14, 2013 KXAN News

On any given weekend night, Austin's downtown is buzzing with people going to restaurants and bars. But high above one of Austin's tallest buildings the buzz goes beyond the view. Instead thousands of honey bees are hard at work building a home....