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Home & Hive operates with the understanding that every beehive is unique and offers a wide range of non-lethal bee removal services to solve even the most complex bee related problem.



Non-Lethal Patent-Pending Bee Repellant

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This revolutionary patent-pending method allows us to safely remove the bees without opening the structure in which the bees have made their hive. After using this method we guarantee the queen and all of the bees will vacate the hive within 48 hours. Once the bees abandon the hive we allow neighborhood bees to rob the remaining honey leaving only wax behind, or we can come back to remove the hive completely.

Complete Hive Removal

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In some cases it is more beneficial to remove the complete hive due to the location of the beehive or due to the needs of our customers. We do this by carefully opening the structure, removing the entire beehive, spraying a paint primer to mask the scent of the hive, packing the cavity with insulation, and putting everything back together with little to no visible changes to the structure.

Honeybee Swarm Removal

Photo by  SidPix

Photo by SidPix

Every spring beehives which have grown too large will raise a new queen. The old queen will then leave with a portion of the bees to start a new colony elsewhere. These swarms of bees will usually hang from branches of trees or on the side of a building while they scout out a new location for a hive. We will remove the entire swarm and transplant them into a permanent hive on our bee farm.

Extermination of Other Flying/Stinging Insects

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There are thousands of different species of flying insects in North America, and many resemble the common honeybees we are all familiar with. Southern Yellow Jackets, Ground Hornets, Paper Wasps, and Mud Daubers are among the most common here in North Texas. If your bee problem turns out to be something other than bees, we are trained and equipped to exterminate many other flying/stinging pests.