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My wife and I moved into our house over the winter and had no idea that we had a beehive living in one of the walls until this spring. I called Home & Hive because they offered a way to get the bees to leave without killing them and without having to tear up my stucco walls. They said the bees would leave within 48 hours and they actually all left that same afternoon. I was pretty freaked out when I started seeing bees coming out of my wall and started imagining how huge of a task it would be to get them out, but they made it a completely painless process.
— James B.
Monica came out last week to help us with our bee problem and I couldn’t be happier. We are renovating my parents house and found a beehive that had apparently been there for a couple years. Our contractor would not work on that area until the bees were gone. Luckily Home & Hive was able to come out that same day and remove the hive for us. They were very professional and knowledgeable about what they do. The hive was removed quickly and we were able to continue with out renovations! Thank you!
— Heather R.
From the very beginning Monica was nothing but professional and we will be using her for all of our commercial needs from now on.
— Jordan C.